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Welcome to a community of Powerful Latina Leaders! Are you ready to join a supportive and inclusive group of women who are dedicated to empowering one another and making an impact in the world? Our mission is to Propel Latinas forward through Collaboration, Speaking Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership Development. We know that finding community and building professional alliances can be a powerful source of growth and inspiration. That's why we strive to create a space where Latinas from around the globe can come together and find commonality, support, and encouragement. At UL, we believe that Latinas deserve to be seen and heard. We work to amplify the voices of our community, increase their visibility, and expand their leadership presence and impact. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, we offer a variety of training programs and resources to help you upskill and grow. Ready to take the next step in your leadership journey? Join us and discover the power of connecting with other like-minded Latinas!

United Latinas Membership

Professionals; Early to Executive Level Professional Women Business Owners; Side Hustle, Startup to Established

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UL Membership
$99 /year
  • Website Profile Listing
  • Featured Interview Article
  • Discounted Workshops
  • Members-only events & programs
  • Email Newsletter Features
  • Showcase events in Community Calendar
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Guest at "Cafecito Power Breaks - Empower Wednesdays"
  • Affiliate Program Access
  • Slack Channel
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UL Premium Membership
$249 / year
  • Latina Speakers Club
  • SHOP Latina Listing
  • Latina Vendor Directory
  • FREE Access to workshops (exceptions apply)
  • Exclusive discount to Accelerator Programs
  • Apply to deliver workshops (with revenue sharing opportunity)
  • Apply to host virtual or local events
  • Mentorship Program
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Reasons to Join United Latinas

Join our community, join a powerful network.

Website Profile Page

Create a profile page on our website where you can upload your headshot, bio, and link to your LinkedIn page, making it easy for others to connect with you.

Featured Article

Share your story with our community by submitting answers to our questions and having your story featured on our website.

SHOP Latina

Sell your products, services, tickets, and more in our SHOP during the holidays and promote them to our members through email and social media.

Latina Speakers Club

Join our Latina Speakers Directory (launching to the public in 2023) and get the opportunity to speak on panels or conduct talks at our events.

Member Led Workshops

Lead member-led workshops and share your business or message with the community.

Affiliate Program Access

Become an affiliate of United Latinas and earn money for inviting other Latinas to join our community.

Social Media Promotion

Get social media and newsletter promotion for your member feature, article feature and SHOP items.

Newsletter Promotion

Promote your article feature in our newsletter.

Add Events To Calendar

Add your events to our community calendar and share them with our members in Slack.


Connect with other inspiring and motivating women and make lasting friendships or connections that will positively impact your life.

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