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Extraordinary Latinas Awards

Recognizing extraordinary Latinas who lead by example, live on purpose, and inspire others to be more and do more. The Extraordinary Latinas Awards will recognize everyday heroes, game-changers, movers and shakers, and role models who lead by example with courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, empowering those around her, and makes an impact in her community and areas of influence.


Empowering Latina Award

These Latina Leaders empower other Latinas by constantly sharing power, authority, and knowledge. They act with integrity and encourage others by acknowledging their work, valuing their strengths, and recognizing their uniqueness. They are inspiring leaders who create positive change through the advancement of those around them.

Amplifying Voices Award

These Latina Leaders constantly step up and amplify the voices of others. They are intentional about sharing others work and accomplishments. They value and take pride in their ability to uplift, engage and promote individuals, making public endorsements of others ideas and achievements with proper attribution of credit. They are passionate about amplifying voices to improve equity and inclusion in their community and areas of influence.

Connecting Community Award

These Latina Leaders are passionate connectors who bring people together to support each other and create a positive impact. They constantly champion others by making meaningful introductions that open doors for others' success. They build intentional networks and positive relationships built on trust and an authentic need to see others succeed.