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Empowering, Amplifying & Connecting Extraordinary Latina Leaders.

Leadership & Business Upskill

Access impactful leadership and business development training programs to help you reach your full potential. From building your leadership presence in corporate environments to practical business planning, our programs are designed to help Latinas grow and succeed.

Visibility and Recognition

We prioritize the visibility and recognition of Latinas. We work to amplify the voices of our community and increase their leadership presence and impact by providing safe spaces to hone public speaking skills and sharing powerful messages.

Community & Network

Find a sense of belonging and build professional alliances with other Latinas from around the globe. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where you can feel valued and encouraged to leave a lasting legacy.

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Through the collection of the professional journeys from 17 Extraordinary Latinas, United Latinas hopes to change the narrative and challenge the belief from the past to one where Latinas recognize their power comes from their uniqueness, their heritage, and their collective voices.


United Latinas Extraordinary Latinas Vol 1 Book Breaking The Narrative & Redefining Our Power